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Liu Yandong Visited the 8th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition

2010-09-15 14:20

On August 26, Liu Yandong (member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and state councilor) visited China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition, giving important instructions on the development of Chinese film and television cultural industry and on the “Going Global” strategy.

Liu Yandong surveyed the exhibition stand of CCTV, the exhibition stand of key exports of national film and television programs and stands of other international and domestic film and television institutions and new media companies. She spoke highly of various and excellent exhibited programs and the achievement made in the Chinese film and television industry in recent years, praising the industrial structure where state-owned and private film and television companies develop together. Furthermore, she encouraged film and television staff to double their efforts to produce excellent programs and make more contributions to the development and prosperity of the socialist culture.

During her visit, she was accompanied by Zhao Shi, Tian Jin, Zhang Peimin (Deputy General Directors of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), Jiao Li (President of CCTV), and leaders of departments and bureaus (including the Ministry of Culture, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the All-China Women Federation, the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chinese Writers’ Association). Ma Runsheng, the General Manager of China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, introduced the general development of the exhibition, schedules, major domestic exhibitors and key exhibited programs, etc..