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The 8th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition Coming Soon

2010-09-15 14:15

As a key part of the 8th China Radio, Film & Television International Expo, the 2010 China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition is to be held in Beijing Exhibition Center from August 26 to 28. The exhibition’s theme is “Exhibiting great achievement in film and television industry, creating a new situation of reform and development of cultural system, and promoting development and prosperity of cultural industry,” because it is held precisely when Hu Jintao’s speech on building and reform of cultural system is carefully studied and implemented in the publicity sector. Besides gathering various radio, film and television programs, the Exhibition will present a particular stand for “key exports of national film and television programs”, to demonstrate considerable achievement after the implementation of “Going Global” project in recent years. The 37 key companies and 74 key projects, which are listed in the “2009-2010 Annual Cultural Export of Key Enterprises and Key Projects”, will be shown together. In the exhibition, other important events include the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony between the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Export-Import Bank of China and Elaboration Conference on Financial Support in Export of Film and Television Programs,” and “2010 Forum on New Media Copyright Protection and Cooperation in Digital Environment”, etc.