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2009 Sichuan TV Festival Held in Chengdu

2010-04-15 17:06



The 10th Sichuan TV Festival was held in Chengdu Century New International Exhibition Center from November 6 to 8, 2009, and six theme activities came on stage successively including film & television programs exchanging center, selection of “Gold Panda” awards international TV programs through appraisal, “Gold Panda” international comic and animation and new media audio-visual products expo, and so on.

China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center and China International Television Corporation brought elaborate and rich film & television programs to attend this Sichuan TV Festival, including TV series, special topic, documentary film, animated film and others totaling several thousand episodes for nearly 10,000 hours. In which, Part III of key play “Gone with the Wind Triology”--- Shanghai love play My Love for You is True, and national commerce legendary poem Longitude and Latitude World have drawn extensive attentions from customers at home and abroad. Many companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Greece, Britain, Russia and other countries and regions held a discussion on the purchase of program and the cooperation in shooting documentary films. International marketing, domestic marketing, invitation of 2010 China international film & television programs exhibition and other business also achieved the expected effect at the exhibition.