Visible Lie

  • ID:7040933
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: shehui,Figure
  • Director: Zhou Jianji / Li Haoji
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Zhang Chao, Mi Lu, Li Chenhao, Wang Runze
  • Year: 2018
  • Set: 18  Time: 30
Worldwide except Chinese Mainland

Visible Lie is based on web fiction mystery series Arcane Cases by author Modipai. This web fiction was the winner of the third 17K web literature competition for the mystery genre. When it was being published, it was the most viewed piece for its genre. The story revolves around a four-person team of criminal psychologists in the Yiqing Public Security Bureau who use criminal psychology and intelligent criminal investigation techniques to solve cases and search for the truth. The main character, Xu Lang, gleans the reasons behind someone's lying by observing their facial expressions and body language. Faced with one stranger case after another, he and his team grow stronger and more cohesive. Using their professional knowledge, they delve into the minds of criminals and learn more about their motives, which allow them to predict the behavior of criminals and help the crime unit crack their toughest cases.


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