All the Grain Across...

  • ID:7040911
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,History
  • Director: Kan Weiping
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Wu Jingan / Xu Seng / Sun Ning / Zong Fengyan / Hao Ping / Wang Huichun
  • Year: 2017
  • Set: 40  Time: 45
Worldwide distribution rights except the Republic of Korea...

In the eighth year of the Qianlong Emperor’s reign, a testing of birds by the imperial palace reveals a shocking case of unreported droughts and rampant corruption, and brings to light the crisis of shrinking grain fields and granary shortages in the Qing Empire. Liu Tongxun, who returned to his hometown due to illness, is ordered back into service to lead the newly-appointed ministers including Gu Shan and Du Xiao to overcome obstacles and carry out the Qianlong Emperor's policy of adding grain fields, or they will lose their heads. After two years of hard work, the grain field crisis is resolved, gradually restoring the country's economy. However, the corrupt forces led by Na Shan and Pan Bazhi openly challenge the new law ending taxes on land, and instead increase taxes, cruelly exploiting the people and dealing a devastating blow to the Qianlong Emperor's grain enterprise. It is then that over half of the country’s 18 provinces experience a once-in-a-century disaster, and a nationwide grain crisis breaks out once again. The foundation of the country is rocked, inciting fierce turbulence from the emperor's opposition. Liu Tongxun, Gu Shan, and other ministers are once again called upon to manage the disaster-ridden area of Zhejiang, where they steadfastly rule by law and fight for their lives against the opposing forces. In the end, they salvage the Qing Empire's farmland, and food security becomes the primary objective of the country.

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