Princess Agents

  • ID:7040905
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: Legend,Figure
  • Director: Wu Jinyuan
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Zhao Liying / Lin Gengxin / Dou Xiao / Li Qin / Deng Lun
  • Year: 2017
  • Set: 58  Time: 47
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Through the chaotic era of the Western Wei Dynasty (535-556), a mass of civilians were forced into slavery in which their lives were tramped as grass. Among them, a young slave girl Chu Qiao was sent to a hunting field where those bloody aristocrats may hunt their game. She was saved though, luckily and secretly by Yan Xun, the heir of a Xiliang (a state in Western part of ancient China) noble, and was brought to this powerful clan, Yuwen family where she witnessed the torturous deaths of her brother and older sister and was determined to escape the jail-like place with her young sister. She gained appreciation of the gentleman Yuwen Yue who gave her very strict training. At the same time, she forged a tight link with Yan Xun whose family was rooted out during a clan battle, leaving Yan Xun in desperate misery. Chu Qiao stayed with Yan Xun and they managed to escape the predicament. When they returned to Xiliang state, however, Yan Xun’s desire for power swelled and would not be content unless he caught hold of a scepter, even at the cost of the lives of all the civilians. Chu Qiao, in despair, severed the tie with him and united with Yuwen Yue who advocated the many-prayed ideal of “unit the country, stop the slavery”. She became the heroine adorned by all when Yan Xun’s revenge plan was destroyed. By then, Yuwen Tai, the powerful prime minister was successfully dissuaded from keeping the slavery system and all slaves were eventually freed.

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