Painted Skin

  • ID:7027916
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: Legend,Legend
  • Director: Gao Linbao
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Ling Xiaosu / Li Zonghan / Tammy Chen (Taiwan,China) / Fiona Sit (Hong Kong,China)
  • Year: 2011
  • Set: 34  Time: 47
Full Overseas Copyright

“Exorcist” Old Xia had two female apprentices, granddaughter Xia Bing and the adopted Xiao Wei. Xiao Wei was cheated in feeling, and was instigated by an evil spirit and killed Old Xia by mistake. Xia Bing thus sought Xiao Wei for revenge. Xiao Wei had to eat mankind’s heart to maintain her beauty after murder. Duwei Wangsheng rescued Xiaowei in a battle and brought her back to Jiangdu, and Duwei’s wife Pei Rong was so kind as to take her in. Thereafter, murders occurred one after another in the town, and people’s hearts were taken away. Pei Rong suspected that Xiao Wei was a demon, but nobody believed that. Thus, Pei Rong called in Pang Yong for help. Pang was the superior of Wang Sheng, and had been in a love triangle with Wang Sheng and Pei Rong. In the investigation, Pang confronted Xia Bing, who was still sought for taking revenge for grandfather. Xia Bing deemed Pang to be a “master hand” in subduing demons. Finally, Wang Sheng, Pang Yong, and Xia Bing succeeded in subduing Xiao Wei, who was, however, dead in silence. Pei Rong and Wang Sheng finally embraced their reunion, while Pang Yong and Xia Bing continued their journey to subdue demons.

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