Songs of Spring and ...

  • ID:7027909
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director: Zhang Haolan
  • Country: china
  • Cast: He Bing / Kristy Yang (Hong Kong, China) / Gallen Lo (Hong Kong, China) / Joe Ma Tak Chung (Hong Kong, China)
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 38  Time: 47
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In the late Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Zhou was weak in power. Constant ups and downs of strife were always seen among vassal states for the imperial power. At that time, outside Jin State, there were stronger enemies; while inside the State, Liji had been continuously meddling in state affairs. In such state of chaos, Jie Zitui, a world-famous hermit in Mianshan, was invited to take up an official post at Court. Those five sons of Duke Xian of Jin contended for the throne and he had difficulty choosing a proper son to be the Crown Prince. Such an intricate situation made Jie Zitui be at a loss at first. Although Duke Xian of Jin tried his best to support Jie Zitui to fulfill his ideas, and asserted that “with Jie Zitui, one can get the whole world”, at that time, nobody realized the value of this scholar. On the contrary, mostly took Jie Zitui for a weight in power struggle. The power struggle put Jin State in turmoil. Jie Zitui was honest and just. He didn’t lose himself in the chaos, but on the contrary exposed those conspiracies with his morality and humanity. It was just this distinctive temperament of Jie Zitui that deeply attracted a girl, Liyi, younger sister of Liji. She had been long infatuated with Jie Zitui. But it was a pity that the love between Liyi and Jie Zitui had been a vain attempt. They two had fallen in love with each other for a long time, but still their love ended up with Liyi’s miserable death.

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