1644 A.D.

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  • Year: 2011
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The story took place from the seventeenth year of Chongzhen of Ming Dynasty, which was also the first year of the Shun of Qing Dynasty (i.e., 1644 A.D.) to the sixteenth year of Yongli of South Ming Dynasty, which was also the first year of Kangxi of Qing Dynasty (i.e., 1662). Li Zicheng broke into Beijing city and forced Emperor Chongzhen to commit suicide on the Meishan. To revenge his family, Wu Sangui led the troops of Qing into Shanhaiguan Pass. Qing troops drove straight in, and so Ming Dynasty was at stake. Li Zicheng ascended the throne, and called himself the Emperor of Dashun, while Zhang Xianzhong was called the Emperor of Daxi. Shunzhi proclaimed oneself emperor after Dorgon and Xiao Zhuang came to Beijing. At such a particular stage, who will be the dominant?

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