Wild China

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I. Wild Dynasties: The Rare Animals of China China's vast boundaries include most of the ecosystems found in the northern hemisphere. Wild lives as the Siberian Tiger in the north to the Yangtze Alligator in the south and the exceedingly rare Green Haired Turtle, makes your eyes appeased. II. Pandas: Living with Giants It focuses on the discovery of an injured panda by a young boy. He and his grandfather take the ailing animal into their home and tend to its wounds. Finally the panda is let to go back to the mountain, its natural habitat. III. Miniature Dynasties: Insects of China The world can be a cruel, hard place... as this intimate exploration into the amazing antics of China's insects shows. Praying Mantis's devouring their mate after sex, Water Beetles catching fish. But perhaps none is as extraordinary as the exploding anal salvo of the Bombardier Beetle. IV. Tibet: Living on the Roof of the World There is no picnic living on the roof of the world. Thick snow and ice, high ultra violet radiation, rapid temperature rise and fall, low air pressure and oxygen levels. Yet despite this, a large variety of animals thrive and survive in this harsh, but visually breathtaking region. V. Monkeys of the Middle Kingdom Golden Monkeys fascinate tourists and researchers with their long golden hair, great speed of jumping among trees; and alert mind to danger. The monkey king has the privilege in mating. As one of the vanishing species, they are protected by Chinese laws so that the number of them has increased rapidly in recent years. VI. The Sacred Deer---Liuba's Story It is the rain-deer's antlers that stand against the orange ray of the sunset as a symbol of life. Liuba, a young lady from Inner Mongolia who loves creative arts, comes back to this place where she and rain-deer were born and which inspires her passion in art.

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