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  • Category: Documentaries
  • Genre: shehui,Figure
  • Director:
  • Country: china
  • Cast:
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 10  Time: 45
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The 10-episode documentary series Money is a special project by CCTV, which is to be broadcasted at primetime on CCTV. The production team of Money consists of excellent directors, producers and cameramen who were heavily involved in many of CCTV’s award-winning documentary series, such as Rise of the Great Powers, The Way Water Cries and Wall Street. We also have a consulting team in finance which includes famous experts from mainland China and professionals who have years of working and living experience in the world’s financial centers, e.g., Wall Street.This documentary series will explore the origin, development, and ascent of money, as well as disaster of money and future of money. It will also elaborate on the relationship of money with politics, economics, culture and social system. Mr. Zhiwu Chen, a famous economist once contended, “Monetization makes the foundation and prerequisite for the development of marketization; meanwhile, the development of monetization is the premise of individual freedom.” Money is not only the most fundamental element of social and economic development, but is also closely related to our daily life. Therefore, to research and analyze money is both a discussion of wealth and an exploration of human nature. Facing this most familiar stranger, this documentary series will lead us through space and time and into the world of money.

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