The Qin Empire

  • ID:7027836
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director: Ding Hei
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Ning Jing/ Fu Dalong/Yu Entai
  • Year: 2011
  • Set: 51  Time: 46
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After Shang Yang’s Reform, Qin State has entered an extraordinary era. In the period of Warring States, Qin State has transformed into a state that was not to be belittled. Qin becoming stronger every day and has driven other States get into extreme panic. Warring States have entered a period of great opportunity and great challenge. A legion of meritocrats and celebrities took stage of Warring States. Relations among each State have been repeatedly reshuffled. Xishou left Qin State for Wei State, lobbying Six States to form vertical alliance and encircle Qin State. And thus Qin State came to an unprecedented crisis. The young Emperor of Qin decided to promote Zhang Yi. This is another example of monarch and his subjects joining hands after Duke Xiao of Qin made use of Shang Yang. It is another immortal political anecdote. Zhang Yi has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities to manoeuvred among political groupings. Again and again he has broken through diplomatic predicaments and dangerous situations, adding a gorgeous chapter to the annals of Chinese Diplomatic History. Today, after thousands of years, it is still astonishing, it is still sparkling. Druing the reign of young Emperor Huiwen of Qin, people were encouraged to engage in farming and battle on the one side. And on the other side, Qin kept opening diplomatic predicaments. Measures of war and diplomacy were resorted at the same time. It was dangerous now and then, but measures of war and diplomacy were well-arranged. Qin went on an expedition to Hangu for the east; Shangyu, for the south; Bashu, for the west and Yiqu, for the north. Emperor Huiwen of Qin wrote glorious history. To the Chinese nation, Warring States Period is the youth full of vitality. Such bright young people as young Emperor of Qin, Zhang Yi and some young fantastic girls, pretty girls have developed brilliant love stories among those furious fightings on the scene of battle and diplomacy. This Qin Empire is of spirited ardour.

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