Young Avanti

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  • Category: Animations
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director:
  • Country: china
  • Cast:
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 104  Time: 12
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Young Avanti – also known as Nasardin Avanti – lives with his dad in the town. Their family is not rich, dad slacks a little business in the town, and returns to the countryside when busy farming. He works so hard throughout a year, so as to provide Avanti the best chance of education. To him, Mullahs are the most intelligent people. He sends Avanti to the school studying after mullahs, hoping his son would become a Mullah in the future. The Mullah is a highly respected wise man, teaching five students including Avanti. The big brother is the child of a poor family, the second brother is the child of a poor civilian, the third brother is Lord Bahi’son, and the little brother is the son of the mosque’s janitor. Through them, Avanti has contact with their families and neighbors, and helps them solve a lot of problems and rediscover the joy of living with his wisdom. The Mullah also likes Avanti, once he takes Avanti to the palace with him. It just so happens that the King and the Queen are having a problem, Avanti bravely stands up and solves the problem, the King and the Queen are very pleased. The queen has no children. She likes Avanti so much that adopts him. The chief bodyguard in the palace has got more brawn than brains. He admires Avanti incredibly. Since then, when the King and the Queen have problems, they send the chief for Avanti. When the chief himself has problems in work and life, he also comes to Avanti, gradually he becomes Avanti’s best friend. Since then, what Avanti encounters becomes wider and wider, but nothing ever stumps him. The martial chief and the gentle Kazi are a pair of quarrelsome enemies. Kazi is the judge of the town, who often encounters difficult cases. From the bottom of his heart, he does not want the young Avanti to be cocky in front of him, but he has to ask Avanti for help sometimes. As a result, he is more unbalanced. Sometimes he deliberately embarrasses Avanti with some very difficult cases, but Avanti is never stumped. The chief is very willing to see Avanti overtopping Kazi, sometimes he is caught in a dilemma between the two of them. Avanti solves case after case, helps poor after poor, teaches Bahi after Bahi lessons. Gradually, Avanti’s experiences and wisdom is growing.

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