Zhi Xing Tian Xia

  • ID:7277770
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director: Chen Xiaolei
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Lu Jianmin/Kathy chow Hoi~mci(Hong Kong,China)
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 38  Time: 47
Full Overseas Copyright

In the first year of Emperor Zhengde’s Reign, the only 15-year-old young Emperor always followed the advice of “the Eight Tigers,” a powerful group of eunuchs, headed by Liu Jin and Zhang Yong. Senior officials, like Liu Jian and Li Dongyang, planned to start an impeachment procedure against the eunuchs. However, the news leaked out, and the eunuchs, being in charge of the real power, took action first. The scenario was turned upside down. At the perilous prospect, Wang Yangming came out boldly to speak for the officials. But he was then flogged in court 40 times and put in jail. Later he was banished to Longchang in Guizhou. After facing much hardships and dangers, Wang Yangming made it to Longchang, which was located in the northwest of Guizhou, among the high mountains. As they were not accustomed to the local climate, Wang Yangming’s escorts all fell sick. Wang then took care of them himself, gathering firewood and carrying water back to cook meals for the escorts. He also visited the locals, hoping to find the way to cure the escorts’ disease. At the same time, Wang Yangming worked to boost their spirit. On Mount Longgang, Wang discovered a cave. He named it Yangming Cave, and turned it into his shelter. On reflection, Wang saw that he had been abandoned for his loyalty to the Emperor, and was thus separated from his family. He made himself a stone coffin, and lay inside for 7 days and nights, determined to transcend life and death. Afterwards, he developed the idea of “innate knowing”, arguing that every person should know from birth the moral way of the saints. He maintained that one should search inside the heart for this intuitive “way”. His idea of “knowledge as action” came not only from meditation, but also from his teaching experiences with the disciples. Wang Yangming then decided to help cultivate the neighboring Miao and Han people. He befriended them, teaching them to read and write. The latter in turn offered to grow vegetables for him, and built the Helou Pavilion and the Gentleman Pavilion. As Wang Yangming had long been known for his poetry, students from far and near came to study with him. The Helou Pavilion at the foot of Mount Longgang thus became the School of Longgang. Here, Wang Yangming taught not only the Philosophy of Mind, but also agriculture. He emphasized the discipline of being resolute, diligent, penitential and virtuous. On this wild land, Wang established an impromptu academic institute for giving lectures and delivering knowledge. His brother-in-law, Xu Ai, sometimes wrote to Wang Yangming, speaking of his deep admiration for Wang’s learning. After a period of correspondence, Xu Ai came all the way to Longchang to stay with Wang. His reason? “If one learns the truth in the morning, one would never regret dying the same evening.”

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