The Art Of The DunHu...

  • ID:7027559
  • Category: Documentaries
  • Genre: History,Legend
  • Director: Zhou Bing
  • Country: china
  • Cast:
  • Year: 2008
  • Set: 10  Time: 47
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The Art of Dunhuang, another documentary series produced by CCTV after the "Forbidden City", intends to reveal the 2,000 years cultural connotations in Dunhuang by recording the whole process of development of culture in this area. Cameras will be focus on the people once lived in this land, and the misery of the history will be revealed, presenting the culture that had been already forgotten to the view of the audiences. The producing crew try to dedicate a series documentary which reflects the history and culture of Dunhuang in all direction, demonstrating the magnificent historical process and the stories lost in history in Dunhuang area, presenting the exploration results of 100 scholars who has been researching this desert treasure-house .

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