South China Sea No.1

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  • Year: 2011
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This is an ancient ship sank for almost a thousand years, which is the biggest and most completes ship in Song Dynasty. It is the first time to carry out the salvage of the shipwreck at home and abroad. The shipwreck was found 23 years ago and had been explored and protected for 6 years and the salvage process lasted for 9 months. Those numbers will become the key numbers in this documentary. The gold belt, gold bracelets, porcelains and many other relics, as well as the various puzzles during the archaeological excavation and experts’ speculation on Marine Silk Road, all will be the most important clues in this adventure. It is the first time to record the whole process of the shipwreck discovery, investigation, salvage and protection in this documentary. This ancient shipwreck is preserved in the “Crystal Palace” of Marine Silk Road Museum now. The documentary on the archaeological excavation will solve the new mysteries for people.

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