War and Destiny

  • ID:7274960
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: Figure,Figure
  • Director: Wu Jinyuan(HongKong,China)
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Tang Yan/ Sammul Chan(HK)/ Luo Jin/ Tan Kai/ Guo Mingxiang/ Cecilia Yip(HK)
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 44  Time: 47
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TV drama War and Destiny may be called a modern version of Schemes of a Beauty. Zhang Lianxin(Tang Yan), a woman of matchless beauty, will have to open up a bloody path on her own at a “super workplace” called Shanghai Tan where cheatings and rumors appears daily. It is an office drama set in the period of the Republic of China in Mainland China. Meanwhile, a detective named He Tian (Sammul Chan) who is determined to be the Holmes in China, will be involved in a series of mysteries, which gives the drama a strong flavor of thrill and suspense. On the other hand, Ma Kun (Tan Kai), the leader of Qing Feng Tang clan in Shanghai, infiltrates into a medicine company and moves between various powers for unknown purpose. Chong Yang (Luo Jin) is a nobody who grew up in a time of unrest in Shanghai. His stories will tell us the real feelings of those who were at the bottom of the society then. What’s more, the most attractive point of the drama would be the old scores and mixed emotions between the heroine, Zhang Lianxin, and He Tian who belongs to the rich second generation and the rascal Chong Yang. The all-star cast will present us a bittersweet legend of pure love in modern Shanghai, a city filled with tycoons, spies, backstage manipulators and Japanese military powers coveting Chinese territory.

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