Tracking Knights Pha...

  • ID:7025622
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: Legend,History
  • Director: Li Huiming(Hong Kong)
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Pan Yueming / Dong Jie
  • Year: 2010
  • Set: 37  Time: 46
Full Overseas Copyright

Zhang Danfeng came to the heart of Ming Empire’s territory from the Northern Desert in search of a hidden treasure, on his treasure quest with the treasure map passed down in his family, he met with Yun Lei, a woman disguised as a man, through numerous dangers the two experienced in the martial art world, they developed genuine love for one another. But the two soon discovered their families have had a blood feud going back 3 generations. However, the longer they spent in each other’s company, the more they treasure each other. Meanwhile, a bigger problem was emerging---martial art world had its eye on the treasure map, thus, a series of hostilities took place. Through joint effort of the two, they were able to pull through all obstacles together, villains were killed and map contributed to the Ming Empire, and the two began their carefree lives together.

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