The Han Triumph

  • ID:7025438
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director: Huang Jianzhong
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Ray Lui(Hongkong China), Wang Ji, Zhang Guangbei, Chen Wei
  • Year:
  • Set: 44  Time: 47
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Han Dynasty is a romantic and heroic era. After founding Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, the Emperor Gaozu of Han, was worried about the invasion of Huns in the north and the rebellion of Zhaotuo in the south. But what he was worried about most is the potential rebellion of the powerful princes who are not his blood kins. With the help from Xiao He, the counselor-in-chief, Liu Bang’s wife, the Empress Lv, cruelly killed Han Xin, a capable military commander. Liu Ying, the prince royal, is the son of the Empress Lv. He is weak in character and also suffers from epilepsy. As Liu Bang’s health is deteriorating due to the burst of the arrow wound, he is worried about the heir of his imperial dynasty. He dislikes Liu Ying and plans to dethrone Liu Ying and establish Liu Ruyi(the son of Qi Ji, Liu Bang’s beloved concubine) as the prince royal. She helps Liu Ying consolidate his position as the prince royal and takes revenge on her enemies by cruelly torturing Qi Ji and killing Liu Ruyi with poison. After the demise of Liu Bang, Liu Ying ascends the throne, and the Empress Lv acts as the regent. In addition to continuing to implement the policies of protecting the frontier of the Empire, promoting economic prosperity and encouraging agricultural development. In this process, Shen Yiji, her life-long lover, becomes her important adviser and tactician. After the Empress Lv died, the princes who are Liu Bang’s blood kins mount the military expeditions against Lv’s family with the real intent of seeking the throne. Ultimately, the powerful ministers in the imperial court choose Dai Prince Liu Heng, who lives in a remote manor and is austere, staid and clever, to succeed to the throne. After being enthroned, Li Heng appoints a number of Confucian scholars to serve as high officials and implements a series of new policies of easing people’s burdens and promoting people’s livelihoods. More importantly, Liu Heng resolves the problem of the potential rebellion of the princes who are the members of the royal family by employing kind but determined means. The Emperor Liu Heng also has some love entanglements. Liu Heng maintains a decade-long love affair with Min, a simple and lively country girl. This is a very impressive and moving grand historical drama with spectacular scenarios, political and military struggles in imperial court, and romantic love stories, vividly reproducing a saga in Han Dynasty.

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