The Chinese Armada ...

  • ID:2000557
  • Category: Documentaries
  • Genre: Figure,History
  • Director: Chen Geng
  • Country: china
  • Cast:
  • Year: 2005
  • Set: 5  Time: 40
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It is the year 1405. A gigantic fleet hoists its anchors in Nanjing. Under the command of the Emperor’s Admiral Zheng He, 200 ships with a crew of 27,000 men set off for the first of seven voyages that will take them to India, Persia, Arabia and Africa – almost 100 years before Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus set sail across the Atlantic, in ships that would have appeared like nutshells in comparison to the ones of Zheng He’s. Now, 600 years later, this documentary epic tells the gripping tale of the Chinese Armada and its commander, Admiral Zheng He. Laden with silk, porcelain and other treasures, the ships carried the achievements of Chinese culture into the little-known world beyond the China Sea. To this day, hardly anything is known about these voyages. Still more perplexing are the motives of this enormous undertaking. For unlike the Europeans, the Chinese did not found any colonies. In face, shortly after Zheng He returned from his seventh voyage in 1433, the emperor ordered a halt to all foreign expeditions. China withdrew into its borders once again. Many questions remain to be answered: how were these 122-meter long and 52-meter wide ships built? What was the goal of the expeditions? How far did the fleet actually go? And who was Zheng He, the admiral who faced a perilous task? Why did they halt all expeditions? Vividly recreating the era of the “Silk Road on the Sea”, this documentary opens a new chapter in the history of global discoveries and provides fascinating insights into the cultural and technological achievements of China.

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