The orphan of Zhao

  • ID:7019667
  • Category: TV Dramas
  • Genre: History,Figure
  • Director: Yan Jiangang
  • Country: china
  • Cast: Wu Xiubo/Sun Chun/Cherrie Ying(Hong Kong,China)
  • Year: 2012
  • Set: 45  Time: 47
Full Overseas Copyright

The Orphan of Zhao, or Orphan of the House Tcho is a Chinese play of the Yuan Dynasty, attributed to someone named Ji Junxiang, about whom almost nothing is known. Based on an episode in Shiji, the play has its full name The Great Revenge of the Orphan of Zhao Family. Loyalty is the theme of the history play Zhaoshi guer (The Orphan of Zhao), written in the second half of the 13th century. In it the hero sacrifices his son to save the life of young Zhao so that Zhao can later avenge the death of his family. It is the first Chinese play known in Europe. Joseph Henri Marie de Prémare translated the play into French as Tchao-chi-cou-eulh, published in 1735 (the play was published separately in 1755). Thomas Hatchett (active 1721-1741) published an adaptation of the play in English, "The Orphan of China" that changes the ending significantly so that the play conforms to classical conventions of the three unities.

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